The Tattooed Gentleman

In my role as The Tattooed Gentleman, I serve as a greeter, bartender, server and any other adult sexual servicer provider. I am also a storyteller about the history of tattoos and am very willing to strip myself naked to show my own tattooed bodysuit.

I'm a little shy at first, but I promise I'm worth the wait. But I love to chat and get to understand your needs and then unleash myself to make your wishes a reality!


All services are available to individuals, couples, families and larger group gatherings.

•Oral and anal services to please my customers and provide them with full access to my body, mouth and ass for full use, including bareback penetration

•Masturbation shows lasting as long as wished and as often as wished, and these can be with or without cumming

•Tending bar, minimally dresses or fully nude

•Food service to keep party goers well fed

I have a two hour minimum for all engagements. I am available for more extended periods and open to travel as the clients needs.

Allow me to be the conversation starter of your next event. Whether it is a private house party, a larger gathering, or something special and intimate, I can bring a spark to the event. I am comfortable in whatever level of undress you would like, even fully nude, to allow my ink to be the topic of discussion and enjoyment.

I perform in many capacities and can offer my sexual and hospitality services as you wish. I am comfortable in my own skin, even if all of my skin is seen! I can be there for as a greeter, another guest, a surprise special late arrival, a server, or any other sexual adult role. You can be sure; your guests will have much to talk about.

The Tattooed Gentleman has added to his ink for decades. Entertainer, educator, sex worker, aims to amuse, confuse and leave you with something to think about!

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